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Franklin 1

Akashic Records what, how and why
Bonnie Fedge
Jade Rose

$25 fee

We’ll talk about some amazing ways you can use your Akashic Records in your life, answer questions and explore opportunities. I’ll present some concepts of Akashic Records, Meditations with them, and my experience. I’ll talk about how I use them, share how you could use them, and we will play with an introduction to Akashic Meditation and visualizations. I am very excited to share this experience with you.

Function and Flow at Drexel Hill
The Egoscue Method
Brittany Recupero


When trapped in chronic pain, it can seem like you’ll never feel better and be able to live the life you want—especially if you’ve tried other therapies and drug-based treatments that only worked temporarily or not at all.
To feel better, you need to focus on the source of your pain.

While most chronic pain treatment methods only address symptoms or try to deaden or mask pain, Egoscue corrects the postural issues that are at the root of your ongoing discomfort. Thousands of people just like you have ditched the pills, found an alternative to surgery, and finally feel better for good.

Welcome to The Egoscue Method.

Live Your Most Powerful Life with MetaPWR
Maribeth Marburger


The MetaPWR system will empower you as you strive to achieve your health and wellness goals! You deserve a life full of health and vitality at every age. Getting older shouldn’t rob you of your quality of life—and it doesn’t have to. Today’s the best day to influence the rest of your life.

Blood Sugar Regulation
Live Functionally LLC
Phillip March


What controls your blood sugar ?
What is the glycemic index ?
What foods affect your blood sugar ?
How to keep your blood sugar in a steady range ?
What are the factors that control your blood sugar ?
What if I am addicted to sugar
How to tell how much sugar is in food labels ?
What are good snacks that don’t increase your blood sugar levels ? 

Franklin 2

Inspirational Poetry Live
Nutritional Wellness Center
Austin Haines


Let Seeds of Infinitude take root in your heart & soul as you discover something deeper that will help you soar even higher. Austin J Haines shares his poetry that takes you on a marvelous journey of self-discovery and inner strength.

Total Healing with Energy Medicine
Nutritional Wellness Center
Dr. Sean Inselberg


Learn about holistic modalities to heal with energy, using healing electro-
magnetic frequencies, heat, light and sound to reduce inflammation,
eliminate pain, promote circulation, restore balance to organ systems and
promote the innate self-healing mechanism.

We will explore muscle testing and how it can be used to identify weakness
& imbalance in the body as well direct the course of treatment using
nutrition, emotional release, & more. Lastly, we will discuss how
acupuncture activates channels in the body to release stress & energy
blocks, decrease inflammation, and promote healing & regulation.

Create Pelvic Harmony: 3 Keys to Relieve Pelvic Pain & Ignite Your Pleasure with Jade Groff, CNM, LMT, Holistic Pelvic Care Specialist
Journey by Jade
Jade Goeff


Come join me for this exciting and pelvic changing class, because YOUR WOMB MATTERS.
Are you ready to say goodbye to pelvic pain, menstrual imbalances, constipation, infertility, indigestion, leak pee, prolapse, low self-esteem, low libido…???
Come learn about and explore ways to relieve your pelvic pain (or any symptom), connect to your womb and ignite your pleasure.

Because kegels aren’t the fix and often make things worse, I will share with you what works so that you walk away from this hour already feeling a shift and empowered for pleasure.

I am so excited to share with you how I support women so that they become symptom-free and develop a clear comfortable connection with their body and feminine energy.

Jade Groff, CNM, LMT, Pelvic Care Specialist supports women, preconception through menopause, in creating optimal pelvic health, hormonal balance and womb wellness. Jade alchemizes her knowledge, skill, intuition and over 30 years of experience to facilitate the healing of a myriad of pelvic symptoms and trauma, so that women develop a clear comfortable connection to their body and feminine energy. She shares Maya Abdominal Therapy, Holistic Pelvic Care™ and other bodywork therapies, along with Flower Essences, Herbal Medicine and other self care practices. She guides you to restore your body, ignite your vitality and live a pleasure-full empowered life.

Healy: Raise Your Frequency Workshop
Zofia Hausman
Haus of She


Join Zofia Hausman for an immersive workshop where you can elevate your vibration and tap into your highest potential using the Healy – a personalised frequency device that merges technology with science, health & spirituality.

During this 60 minute event, you will:

Learn about the transformative power of Frequency technology & why it is the future of Health & Wellness
Be taken through a guided water meditation (we are 70% water) and drink purifying frequency informed water
Receive frequencies from the Healy and a sound bath to rebalance at a deep level.
Participate in a group Quantum scan to gain insights into your energetic patterns and blockages that may be holding you back.
Be entered into a surprise giveaway and have an opportunity to invest in this technology at a discountedrate.
Time: 2.15pm

Location: Franklin 2

Whether you’re new to frequency therapy modalities or have prior experience, this workshop is designed to meet you where you are on your journey. Zofia will provide a supportive and nurturing environment for you to explore and expand your energetic potential.

Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with a new paradigm of Wellness and embark on a transformative journey towards a higher frequency. Reserve your spot now!

Uncovering the Root of Relationship Struggles: How Unresolved Childhood Wounds Impact Our Romatic Relationships
Healing Fawn
Serena Franchini


The workshop on “”Uncovering the Root of Relationship Struggles: How Unresolved Childhood Wounds Impact Our Romantic Relationships”” is designed to help individuals better understand how they’re past experiences can impact their current relationships. Serena Franchini, The Healing Fawn Inner Child Work & Somatic Therapy will discuss how unresolved childhood wounds, such as abandonment, emotional rejection and neglect, or abuse, can create patterns of behavior that affect our ability to form healthy and fulfilling romantic relationships.

The Presentation will review a compreshiseive model of the many levels of unresolved childhood experiences, and how we adapted to those experiences create our attachment styles as adults. Whether you are married, divorced, single to dating this workshop is a must to become aware of your own individual wounds are essentially the root causes of current or potential relationship struggles. The presentation will also provide strategies for healing those wounded younger parts of ourself, including inner child work exercises, nervous system regulation tools, and mindfulness techniques.

By the end of the workshop, attendees will have a deeper understanding of how their past experiences may be impacting their current relationships, and will leave with a new found undemanding and practical tools to help them create healthier and more fulfilling relationships in the future.

Franklin 3

Conscious Awakening and Mindset Workshop
Silva Mindset
Manish Patel


Come and join us for an enlightening and informative introduction to the science and methodology behind consciousness and mindfulness. Conscious awakenings may permit profound shifts in an individual’s awareness, perception, and understanding of themselves and the world around them. It can lead to personal growth, increased empathy, and a greater appreciation for life and the interconnections of all things. Mindfulness is a mental practice of being fully present and aware of the present moment without judgment. It involves paying attention to your thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and the surrounding environment in a non-reactive and accepting manner. The goal of mindfulness is to cultivate a focused and calm state of mind, which can help reduce stress, anxiety, and improve overall well-being. By observing thoughts and emotions without getting caught up in them, individuals can gain a deeper understanding of their inner experiences and develop a more balanced and compassionate outlook on life.

During this FREE One and a half hour workshop, attendees will be introduced to an evidence based system and method which can help attune the individual to the right mindset and understanding that can be further developed, to take control of their life in all ways “”better and better””.

At the end, enjoy a relaxing, healing, invigorating and pleasant in-person guided meditation that will plant the seed to this beautiful journey of awakening and mindfulness..

Yin Yang Medical Qigong
Laura Chalfant

Gain direct access to your internal energy reserves with Qigong.
Yin Yang Medical Qigong’s gentle movements directly support self-healing. I will start with a short presentation on Qigong and how it can support deep healing and increased energy. You will learn a sequence of 18 gentle Qigong movements designed to transform stress into energy. During the Qigong practice we will focus on grounding into the earth and opening into the universal flow of energy as well as accessing your energy gates to increase the focus of energy in your body.

InterConnective Health
Serena Franchini
BioEnergetic Scan

BioEnenergic Scanning software allows you to evaluate your parameters of energetic health using information gathered through the hardware system via painless, non-intrusive handheld electrodes.

Many people can benefit greatly from the insight obtained through bioenergetic testing. A majority of individuals who visit any general practice are suffering from what is known as a functional disturbance. In simple terms, a functional disturbance occurs when no specific tissue or organ damage can be identified by conventional lab work or traditional pathological diagnostic testing. However, the patient continues to experience multiple symptoms. Where traditional approaches fall short, the bioenergetic system introduces a new perspective, effectively utilizing your body’s own energy with the technology of bioenergetic screening.

Beyond Diagnosis: How to Overcome Health Challenges
Larisa Sharipova

Discover how to evaluate and fix your body’s energy field to conquer health obstacles at Beyond Diagnosis. Beyond Diagnosis: How to Overcome Health Challenges Join us for an exciting presentation that aims to provide valuable insights on assessing and correcting the body field to overcome health challenges. Are you tired of simply treating symptoms? Do you want to go beyond diagnosis and address the root cause of your health issues? We are so much more than our physical bodies.

The human body is an amazing machine that generates and emits energy constantly. In fact, every cell in our body vibrates at a specific frequency, creating an electromagnetic field that extends beyond our physical body. This field, when improved or optimized, can restore integrity to the body’s natural healing and maintenance processes. Symptomatic or disease recovery comes from the body’s own mechanisms when they’re working properly.

This workshop is designed to:
-Empower you with the knowledge of what depletes and recharges your body energy.
-Show you how to asses and correct your human body field that can lead to self-heal.
-Provide you with tools needed to take control of your well-being.

You’ll learn about cutting-edge approaches that go beyond traditional medicine, focusing on holistic and integrative solutions. You will have opportunity to do your body field assesment when you register and attend a workshop .(printed ticket required). If you don’t attend the workshop, the body scan price at the show will be $35. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights, connect with like-minded individuals, and take a step towards a healthier and happier life.

My bio:
Larisa Sharipova is a Woman’s Lifestyle Doctor, a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and Bio-Energetic Specialist. She is a founder of Holistic Expert, an Amazon Bestselling Author of “Listen to Your Body and Regain Your Health” and a Public Speaker. She specializes in natural hormone balancing, epigenetics, stress management, detoxification, anti-aging and energy medicine.
Dr. Sharipova graduated from medical school in Europe in 1993. She had practiced as OBGYN specializing in adolescent gynecology and infertility and used alternative approaches to treat many hormonal disorders. After moving to the United States and learning about American Medical System, while taking Medical Boards, Larisa decided to take a different path in helping women.
In 2012 Larisa Sharipova completed professional training program in The Institute for Integrative Nutrition and became a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and the founder of Holistic Expert.
After healing herself and enhancing her own wellbeing, Larisa wanted to share her knowledge and her own story of transformational journey to a better life through her books and programs. Dr. Sharipova is very passionate to work with women who try to juggle their families and careers by sacrificing their own health and happiness and who are ready to change their lives and achieve their goals through nutrition and lifestyle modifications. She guides women to build a healthy mind and a healthy body naturally, so they have less stress and more energy and joy in life.
Larisa Sharipova offers coaching for women through private and group sessions; webinars and workshops; retreats and cooking classes.
She is a professional member of American Drugless Practitioners Association and International Health Coaching Federation.
When Larisa is not writing, speaking, teaching, coaching clients or making a new healthy dish, you can find her doing yoga, creating chocolate, reading a book or enjoying time with her two daughters.


Primal Bliss-Elevate your Energy
Kula Yoga and Fitness
Sara Beauchemin


Join Sara Beauchemin and Gina Ferraro as they help you elevate your energy through movement and breath. This workshop will begin with musically driven movement, tap into your primal urges and allow the beat to guide your body. After building heat through movement, allow Gina to slow things down with guided breath work. Feel the natural release this allows in the mind and body. Concluding with a short mediation and final savasana to leave you feeling that Primal Bliss. Mat and Blanket required.
Kirtan Immersion
Kirtan Immersion with Asha


Kirtan is a limb of Bhakti Yoga, meaning to glorify the transcendental nature and qualities of the Divine. In this case, it will be musical chanting of simple and traditional Vedic mantras in a call & response form. Whether you are new to Kirtan or a seasoned practitioner, this event is open to all and promises to be a soul-stirring experience! So, mark your calendars and get ready to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening.
Discover the color of you!
Sincearay Sincearay


What is the color of your energy?
Understand the impact of color and its vibrations to nurture inner peace and harmony. Learn how adjusting your environment’s color can enhance a better energy flow and mood.
Heyoka Sincearay will teach you how to use the vibration of color in your life for health and well being. 

Self Healing - A Journey in Energy
Adele and Micheal

In this entertaining, yet informative, truth telling participatory workshop, Adele shares many stories about her unique relationship with her intuitive husband and her own awakenings to the world of energy. You are invited to come participate and listen to that which changed the trajectory of her life and what hopefully will enhance your own.

Adele’s uplifting demeanor encourages and motivates the curious and the experienced – from the basic skill of moving energy to the stories about the “out there” ethers. Tips on the moving of energy and the limited beliefs that disrupt your experience will help you transform life’s challenges. Things such as; difficulty in creating, dealing with guilts, fears etc. You will gain a deeper understanding of how this world works at an energy level in regards to physical, mental, emotional, beliefs and thoughts. Most importantly, all this is put into practical everyday application.

Let’s make this life the ONE TO REMEMBER!


Seasonal Cleansing: How to Cleanse Successfully
Nourish with Naeemah
Naeemah Fletcher


Seasonal Cleansing is the perfect way to “hit reset” so to speak. We live in a world full of toxins: the air we breathe, the foods we eat, chemicals in the water, pesticides, household cleansers, and beauty products. Cleansing gives your organs a break, allowing them to operate more efficiently, and helps to remove toxins that cause inflammation in the body. Cleansing in the fall is especially helpful as the body prepares for the winter, a time for grounding, resting, energy conservation and turning inward. Cleansing is also a great way to improve and maintain your health. If you suffer from any chronic health issue, beginning your wellness journey with a cleanse is a great first step! Come join me in my workshop to learn how to cleanse successfully.
Plant Medicines:Healing with CBD/Cannabis for Optimal Health
Mitchell's Medicinal's


Have you heard about the medicinal properties of cannabis but curious about how this plant can alleviate so many disparate health conditions like, chronic pain, depression, sleep disorders and anxiety? Join us and learn how this incredible plant works naturally with our biology but without harsh side effects. We dive into the science and and expose the truth and how CBD might be the missing link to your natural health journey.
Rock Painting for Holistic Well-Being
Soul Purpose
Renee Paravati


Join us for a rock painting workshop that will help you to holistically improve your overall well-being. We will explore the natural energy in rocks and how it can be used to reduce stress, inspire creativity, and boost self-esteem.

How does rock painting improve well-being?

Stress reduction: Rock painting is a mindful activity that can help to reduce stress and anxiety. The repetitive motion of painting and the focus on creating something beautiful can be very calming and relaxing.

Creativity inspiration: Rock painting is a great way to express your creativity and tap into your imagination. There are endless possibilities when it comes to rock painting, so you can really let your creativity flow.

Self-esteem boost: When you create something beautiful, it can boost your self-esteem and make you feel good about yourself. Rock painting is a great way to create something that you can be proud of and share with others.

What will we do in the workshop?

Learn about the natural energy in rocks: We will discuss the different types of rocks and their unique energetic properties. We will also learn how to connect with the natural energy of the rocks and use it to improve our well-being.

Choose our rocks: We will each choose a rock that resonates with us and that we feel we can connect with on an energetic level.

Paint our rocks: We will use acrylic paints and other art supplies to create beautiful and unique designs on our rocks.

Meditate with our rocks: We will end the workshop with a meditation to connect with the energy of our rocks and to receive their healing benefits.

Who should attend this workshop?

This workshop is perfect for anyone who wants to improve their overall well-being through rock painting. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rock painter, you are welcome to join us.

Cost of Workshop?

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the benefits of rock painting and holistic well-being. That is why we are offering this workshop free of charge. However, we are requesting a small donation to cover the cost of supplies per painter which can be provided the day of the event. We will graciously accept cash, Venmo and ApplePay.

All of the supplies that you will need for the workshop will be provided, including acrylic paints, brushes, rocks, and other art supplies. We will also provide you with a guided meditation to help you connect with the energy of your rock and receive its healing benefits.

Your donation will help us to continue offering this workshop to others in the community. It will also help us to purchase new supplies and expand our offerings.

Thank you for your support!

**Suggested donation amount:** $10.00

Book your spot today and experience the holistic benefits of rock painting!

Room 114

Create Pelvic Harmony: Learn 3 Keys to Relieve Pelvic Pain and Ignite Your Pleasure with Jade Groff, CNM, LMT, Pelvic Care Specialist
Journey with Jade
Jade Groff


Are you ready to say goodbye to pelvic pain, menstrual imbalances, constipation, infertility, indigestion, leak pee, prolapse, low self-esteem, low libido…??? Please join me to learn about and explore ways to relieve your pelvic pain (or any symptom), connect to your womb and ignite your pleasure. Because kegels aren’t the fix and often make things worse, I will share with you what works so that you walk away from this hour already feeling a shift and empowered for pleasure. I am so excited to share with you how I support women so that they become symptom-free and develop a clear comfortable connection with their body and feminine energy. Jade Groff, CNM, LMT, Pelvic Care Specialist supports women and nonbinary people assigned female at birth in healing their pelvic concerns and trauma, preconception through menopause so that they develop a clear comfortable connection to their body and their feminine energy. She shares therapies and self care tools for pelvic/womb care and hormonal health to restore your body, ignite your vitality and live a pleasure-full empowered life.
Nutrition And How It Affects Your Mental Health

Everpresent health & Wellness
Nancy McCormack


Join us for this interactive workshop based on the principles of nutrition and mental health. Learn surprising foods that fight Depression, PTSD, ADHD, Anxiety, OCD and more. Gain a basic understanding of how what we eat dictates how we feel and the direct correlation of the gut being our second brain. Bring a pen and paper as we review foods to not only embrace but surprising foods you’ll want to avoid. We’ll explore the negative effects’ anxiety, depression and stress have on not only your mental health, but your physical health as well. In addition to the workshop itself, you will also gain a better understanding as to the purpose and role a Nurse Coach plays in facilitating your journey to a healthier you, while partnering in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires and maximizes your personal and professional potential.

Logical Health 21
Robert Reti-Nagy


This workshop will go over getting your body to optimal condition utilizing natural methods. This integrative practice will cover how Bioidentical Hormones, Vitamin Infusions, and Natural Aesthetics can be used to help you feel and look amazing, without the toxins! Learn how to help your cellular health in order to increase your sexual health, get rid of stubborn weight, decrease Menopause & Andropause symptoms, brighten tighten and lift your skin, as well as many otherbenefits!
With over 25 years of experience the Virapel providers are ready to help you learn all about your body and how to feel & look your absolute best, NATURALLY.

BioEnergetic Scan and Homeopathy

InterConnective Health Shea Kennedy

Shine Your Light

Gil Bovell


Through a multiyear, life altering physical challenge with Post Concussion Syndrome I was ultimately brought to a place where miracles happen.

By applying energy healing techniques and my own intuition, to what seemed an incurable condition, I was able to fully heal, going from 10% cognitive functionality to 100%.

One of the biggest light bulb moments in my recovery took place when I began taping into one of the most powerful and beautifully simple energy sources that we can control and actually dial up!

The emotional energetic feeling of LOVE.

In this workshop I will share some simple ways to love yourself more deeply and with pure gratitude.

Conventional science has proven that our consciousness (that is, what we choose to think about) affects our health and physiology.

The energy of love is a phenomenon that can’t be explained or measured by doctors. It can flow forward as well as into the past, transforming everything it touches while regaining the essence of the present moment.

There is an unseen powerful force in all of us and the more I learned about it the more my physical body healed. My passion is to help you tap into the infinite love that is within and that I believe can help heal physical conditions as well as challenging life circumstances.

Here is where you truly begin to “Shine Your Light”.

BACH Flower Essence Free Workshop

Simplywellness4u Stephanie Faris


Stephanie Faris, Bach Flower Registered Practitioner, SimplyWellness

Free Bach Flower Essence Workshop will be held in the Voorhees Room @ 3:40.

Each flower essence is associated with a basic human emotion. Mimulus, for example, is for when we are anxious or afraid about something specific. Taking the remedy helps us overcome our fear and face it with courage.

Summary of workshop:

Basic understanding of what Bach Flower Essences are.
How they can help you.
There are Bach Flower Practitioners to support you.
There is more then Rescue Remedy.
I will answer any questions.
Will start @ “““““““““““““““““““““`3:40.
Workshop will be about 20 – 30 minutes.
Thank you in advance for attending. I value your connection and time.

Stephanie Faris, Bach Flower Registered Practitioner

These ARE NOT Essential Oils. There are no side effects.

Room 115

Unlocking the secrets of Microbiome Health

Genevieve Broomes


Education on how the utilization of good things of the earth can be used to care for your microbiomes and bless the world with heath and boundless opportunity .

Using Energy Medicine to Heal your Mind, Body, and Spirit

Nutritional Wellness Center

Dr. Sean Inselberg


How to change your consciousness about an experience so that you move beyond emotional reactions and limiting belief systems. By mastering your consciousness, you can find freedom, healing, alignment and your innate ability to create and manifest a life you love.

Emotions and beliefs as key factors in disease and aging.

The concept of reversing aging and enhancing living.

Learn about forms of energy medicine that bring healing (e.g. muscle testing, acupuncture channels, vibration, light, frequency, and biofeedback).

Space is limited. If you reserve a ticket and cannot make it, please return the ticket at least 24 hours before the event for people on the waitlist. Empty seats are a real bummer!

Past Lives, Dreams, and Soul Travel

All Positive Products
Paul DiCamillo


In this one-of-a-kind workshop, Individuals will be creating their own personalized positivity spinner.

The Positivity and Inspiration Spinner combines the life-changing powers of affirmations with the profound positive effects of art and creativity. This unique combination enables users to start creating deep and meaningful shifts in their lives. If we want to be healthy in our mind, body and spirit, we should choose to think and use words that will build us up and increase our joy and happiness.

Each workshop kit will feature a spinner arrow and holder, 4 sheets of positive word labels for you to choose from, and a set of colored pencils. In addition, the kit comes with a circular magnet, making it perfect for any magnetic surfaces. Ideal for a solo activity, families and groups, this positivity spinner empowers users to improve their health and enrich their life. Better your mind, body, and spirit with this Positivity Spinner from All Positive Products.

Topics for this workshop include:




































Through the power of positivity, many people have found peace and balance. This art kit fosters that positivity with its customizable positive word wheel, which can be colored to express your creativity, calm your anxiety, and suit your needs.

This Inspiration Spinner is designed to help you manifest meaningful moments of mindfulness throughout the day.

The magic happens when you approach mindfulness with creativity, playfulness, and delight.

Each design of the positivity spinner is an invitation to be joyous, inventive, and in the present moment.

Coloring is a wonderful way to escape the stresses of everyday life and allow your mind to dream, wonder, and relax.

It is my wish that this positivity spinner not only provide you with a creative outlet, but will also act as an uplifting and inspiring activity.

Color in the design, be mindful as you choose your favorite colors, words and intentions and spin your way to a wonderful day!

Finding Your Center Point

Harmonious Healing Holistic Healthcare

Dr. Kevin

$0 – $150

Center Point Meditation (and Theraputics) is a soft and smooth (yet fast and efficient) metatation technique designed to work in a fast paced world. On a continuous basis the tension in our body is constantly being filled. Because of the biology within us this tension can build up without you even having to move a muscle. Examples include: overthinking, anxiety, depression, worrying, speculating, emotional feeling, instinctive feelings, empathetic feelings, and caring about people and animals.What if I told you there was a way for you to empty this type of tension in a matter of seconds?Sounds impossible, I know, I thought the very same thing. But after years and many hours of practicing CPM, with my self and with others, the results have not only shown its benefits first hand, but it’s also become predictable and repeatable over and over. The coincidences were too many and too consistent for me, that I had to put the information down “on paper” and do my very best at sharing this to as many people that I can. It is that important to me There is an ebook comes as a PDF, which you can read on any device. (Access via Optimally, the book is a prerequisite for the guided CPM workshops that we will be giving. At these workshops we will train you to efficiently and effectively use CPM on a daily basis for things.

Frequency Therapy Workshop Circle

Zofia Hausman


We are entering a new paradigm of Health & Wellness and frequency therapy is the future healing modality for every aspect of human life!

This new paradigm merges health, science, technology and spirituality and is currently known as Quantum Frequency Therapy. It is the future of medicine and in this workshop I will be giving you the inside scope about a new category creating frequency device called The Healy. It was created to support the whole human by balancing and supporting the body’s bioenergetic field. This small wearable tool uses a quantum sensor to scan the body’s imbalances physically, mentally, energetically and emotionally. It then delivers customized frequency programs to bring everything back into total balance and harmony.

It is ground breaking technology and there is nothing else like it out there in the realm of frequency medicine.

We will begin the circle with some custom herbal tea, crystal singing bowls and a short guided meditation.You will then get to dip your toes into the quantum field and learn about frequency therapy, plus have an opportunity to experience what it’s actually like to use the Healy first hand.

Along with this presentation and live demos, there will be some surprise giveaways!

Will you join us? Philadelphia is positioned as one of the leading cities in the US to pioneer this groundbreaking technology. As early adopters of this new therapy, we are being presented with an opportunity to bring a new paradigm of life changing wellness to our communities and raise the frequency of the planet.

If you are curious, then take a quantum leap and join me at 3pm to find out more. 

Room 119

Yoga Nidra: Letting Go and Being Present

Trinity Willows Yoga and Wellness

Allison Antonini


Yoga Nidra, or yogi sleep, is a guided meditation that leads the listener through the different koshas or layers of the body. This relaxing practice that aims to keep the participant in the state between being awake and asleep. Studies have shown that 1 hour of Yoga Nidra is equal to 4 hours of sleep. Come and find a calming space to refuel after a busy Learn techniques to help reduce stress, let go of anything that is no longer serving you, and be present in the moment. Ally Antonini is a Reiki Master, certified Registered Yoga Teacher, and Thai Yoga Bodywork practitioner. She studied yoga at Kula Kamala Ashram and Foundation and learned to hone her intuitive nature and use it to help heal those around her. Her philosophy and mission for providing healing, and loving energy to all, guide her healing sessions and classes. With the goal of empowering one’s self to gain greater intuitive strength, Ally guides and educates to enlighten everyone to their highest and best good.
Kirtan Chanting

Kirtan Immersion with Asha
Dr. Asha Pandey-Smith


Open your heart and feed your soul with Kirtan (musical mantra meditation) of the Holy Names of the Divine. Be ready to sing and dance! Kirtan is a limb of Bhakti Yoga, meaning to glorify the transcendental nature and qualities of the Divine, and can be done via speech or song. In this case, it will be musical chanting of simple and traditional Vedic mantras in a call & response form. All are encouraged to open their mind and heart to the experience.
Intro to Reiki

Energy Healing Center Of Philadelphia

Khadijah Renee

This workshop will provide a foundational explanation of what Reiki is, it’s history and how it works.

Moving with Motive

Brandon Gaff

Movement is our greatest tool, because when we move, everything we carry must come with us. I’m Brandon Graf, a movement based healing practitioner and embodiment coach. I believe everything starts because of your body. It is the vessel you use to carry out all of your daily actions and dreams. So I choose to take care of it and help you use it to enhance your life. Ultimately, this is about removing what is in your way and creating the life you want. Movement helps us become.

Strengthening the mind-body connection as a two way street, my explorative, playful, movement practices give you back your agency to think, feel, and become anything you choose. In this workshop, I will be focusing on 3 core concepts:

  • Learning to listen to your body
  • Moving with motive
  • Seeing and being seen
  • You will explore self treatment techniques, integration sequences, moving meditations, and connect to your own intuitive movement exploration.

This class requires no previous movement training. Your unique capacity for movement, imagination, and desire are all that is needed. See you in the workshop! The universe rewards action!

Intro to Primordial Sound Meditation

Veda Den

Nicoli Sinclair


Are you interested in how to use mantra, a sound technique, to find inner calm and peace within so that you may live a joyful and fulling life? Join us for this free intro class into Primordial Sound Meditation and learn an ancient and proven meditation technique that can help you minimize stress and live the life you desire and deserve.

Master the Mindbody Connection

360 Agility

Melissa Mroz
Melissa Mroz


Room 201

Feeling Stressed? It is not in your head, It is in your Nervous System.

The Healing Fawn

Serena Franchini


Nervous System Regulation Presentation – Our Nervous System is our internal compass navigating life in either a calm connected state or one of chaos and overwhelm. Our Nervous System stores our youngest childhood memories and also any unprocessed trauma and stress. When we do not do the work to regulate and connect to the nervous system it will run the show, causing us to use a variety of defense mechanisms, animal defenses and coping strategies in day to day life, where they are not warranted. This presentation will discuss our three nervous system states, how to be aware and assess what state you are currently in, how certain triggers play a role and discussion on ways to regulate the nervous system using PolyVagal Theory Model. These Regulation tools not only help you regulate in an acute moment of stress but also build resilience in the Nervous System for the future. Quote: Inner wisdom is available to anyone with a quiet mind. Let’s awaken your true self by healing together, in a safe and empathetic space. You are worthy of an authentic, purposeful, and free life.
Mitchells Medicinals CBD
Plant Medicines:Healing with CBD/Cannabis for Optimal Health

Mitchell Ebert

Have you heard about the medicinal properties of cannabis but curious about how this plant can alleviate so many disparate health conditions like, chronic pain, depression, sleep disorders and anxiety? Join us and learn how this incredible plant works naturally with our biology but without harsh side effects. We dive into the science and and expose the truth and how CBD might be the missing link to your natural health journey.

Exploring the Shadow: How Diving Into Your Unconscious Mind Will Heal Your Life

Selfish Philly
Danielle Massi
Join licensed psychotherapist, shadow work expert, and best-selling author, Danielle Massi, as she explains the intricacies of shadow work. Danielle will walk participants through a detailed training on the unconscious mind, including the history of shadow work and how it impacts the mind, body, energy, and emotions, rewiring trauma internally for good. The session will end with a short shadow work meditation and an opportunity to have your book signed by the author.
Group Energy Healing

Matt Penner


J oin Spiritual Healer, Matt Penner, as he channels different modalities of group energy healing. Energy healing can assist in healing you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Results may vary for each person. Group Energy Healing Modalities: Reiki Shamanic Dolphins of Atlantis Violet Flame Archangel Metatron *Note not all group energy healing modalities will be channeled. Matt Penner is a certified: Reiki Master, Shamanic Practitioner, Past Life Healer, and other advanced energy healing modalities.
Paranormal 101 class @ Holistic Health & Healing Expo
Spiritual Healing with Beth O'Brien

Beth OBrien


Paranormal work shop! Everything and anything you ever wanted to know about the Paranormal and how to use the equipment and do proper Paranormal investigation. You will also be taught on how to use your own psychic intuitive abilities that we all have. You will also get to hear some of the best EVP’s (electronic voice phenomenon) captured. There will also be time for Q&A. The class as a whole will also be given intuitive guidance for the day. Fee $25.00 per person